Our Mission

Shaping the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with Anjana Jat Community.

AAANA.org is an unique portal that connects all Akhil Anjana Samaj / Community under one platform to make them able to interact with all Anjana members as well as to provide latest updates.

AAANA 2024 Bi-Annual convention. Atlanta, GA

Lanier boat tour

Event venue Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center



We appreciate everyone's willingness to help our AAANA Community and Events. Our committee is very excited to plan ahead and requesting your support once again. Please help the community and take on a sponsorship

We will announce your name at the convention and you will be listed on a banner at the event congratulating you for your support.

Vendor sponsors are most welcome. Contact us for more information

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